No 1 About Project

Simulator FM is a community driven radio, providing music in as many simulation games as possible.

With my early involvement with the radio, I took over responsibility to develop and provide a bespoke website and experience possible, leading to the entire rewrite of the website.

No 2 Roles

  • Web Design
  • API Implementation
  • Staff Portal Integration
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Custom application creation

No 3 Features

  • Laravel 9
  • Vue 3
  • Tailwindcss
  • Fully responsive & mobile friendly
  • Laravel Livewire
  • Public API
  • Font Awesome Pro 6 Integrated
  • Full staff portal
  • Timezone Friendly

No 4 Testimony

“Connor is a great developer who has developed our website into the powerhouse that we have today from the amazing integration with our radio system which has given our radio an edge over the competition. He is amazing at resolving issues that our team has and fixing them in a timely manner. He is also amazing at bringing all the features that we have requested to life no matter how complicated it seems to us he does it and integrates it amazingly well. He is also super nice to talk to and is always reasonable with you explaining what to expect and the limits of what he can do with what we have asked for.”

— Sam H (SFM Director).

No 5 Website